NEWT by elle was developed with the vision of creating affordable skincare products that are both luxurious yet 100% natural, and can be used in any climate to nourish all skin types. 

Through extensive research, development + testing, we have perfected a blend of botanical oils that help to provide benefits for skin, hair and body. See Newt BenefitsThe vision behind our minimal design was to create something both lovely, handsome, and everything in between. 

In efforts to thank our environment for producing lush and nourishing resources we have ethically sourced everything from our ingredients to our packaging, and are proud of our 100% recyclable paper tubes. With a passion for travel, our outer container doubles as a durable travelling tube and can be tossed in any suitcase or carry-on luggage.



As an Aquarius, I feel a strong connection with newts as these semiaquatic creatures alternate between water and terrestrial habitats, some species will find their home in the water all year round. 

A newt creates a smooth silky layer that helps to keep their skin moist, but also doubles as a defence mechanism making it slippery and difficult for predators to catch. NEWT by elle can be applied directly to the skin to nourish, protect + mirror the same dewy newt-look, or can be layered as a primer with foundation to achieve a matte finish. 

At a young age I began collecting newts and salamanders and kept them in our family solarium in a lush tank - I was fascinated by their mysterious mannerisms and vibrant colours. It is a newt's slick protective outer layer, the radiance of their neon complexion, and their ability to swiftly adapt to different environments that continuously inspires NEWT by elle.

Thank you for your support + special thanks to everyone who helped along the way to make this vision come to life. 

by elle






I have always been skeptical about using oil on my face because I have acne prone skin. The Marula and 24kt oil absorbs leaving my skin hydrated and never oily. I haven’t broken out since using it! I’ve even used it in the tropical climate while on vacation and it’s still not too heavy. I recommend it to all my friends and they have loved it!

Emily March 21, 2020

NEWT OVER EVERYTHING!! Seriously.. this oil is life. Fast absorbing, scent on point, feels amazing on my skin (and in my hair). I apply literally 5 times a day. Obsessed.

Marianne April 22, 2019

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