In an effort to thank our environment for all of its wonderful resources, all of our ingredients have been sustainably + ethically sourced, plus packaged in 100% recyclable paper traveling tubes. 

It doesn't stop there! Once you have finished a bottle, we have designed our packaging to live a long + useful life before it is tossed in the recycling. Check out some of our favourite ways of using our durable paper tubes + bottles for traveling or as contemporary home decor.


 Makeup Brush Holder

How clean and crisp does this look placed in any bathroom or vanity? Fitting approximately 5-7 makeup brushes, this is a great way to organize your collection. 


Unleash Your Inner Florist 

Why are mini planters, cactus, and bouquets so much more precious? Not sure, but we are totally here for it. Our 2oz Boston Round clear glass Newt bottles are perfect for your mini year-round bouquets. Whether supporting your local market, hand-picking something wonderful from your garden, or arranging a great mix of dried flowers, place your new vase on your bedside, kitchen, vanity, or in any living area! 


Travelling Cosmetic Case

For the travelling makeup artist or addict! These are the best for those quick mornings rushing out of the house. Solid + durable, our paper tubes double as a great carrying case for your mascara, lipstick, gloss + eyeliner. Toss into your purse or carry-on and take these essentials anywhere with you. Also is the perfect size for an ultra-sleek tampon case. 


How have you been using your bottles and 100% recyclable paper tubes? We would love to hear about it - Let us know below! 



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