Our Story

Newt by elle was founded by business and life partners Jarel and Elle. When the pair met in 2013, they eventually bonded over their love of travel and have been experiencing the world together ever since. From a young age, Elle noticed that her skin was getting damaged from the sun. She did some research and learned about the healing properties of marula oil, its natural UV protective components, and its ability to restore the skin. She started using it on her trips to protect her skin from the sun. Fast forward to 2019. With marula oil as the cornerstone ingredient, Jarel and Elle set out to create a skincare brand that represented them, and their travels. A brand that is versatile, simple, powerful, effective, and puts nature at the forefront. That brand is Newt by elle. And to this day, each and every product still includes marula oil, as a nod to where everything began.

 Thank you for your support and a very special thank you to everyone along the way who helped to make our vision come to life.

With love, Jarel and Elle 

Elle Scotland-Bennons


Jarel Bennons


Our Name

At a young age, Elle started collecting newts and would keep them in a lush tank at her family home. She was fascinated by their mysterious mannerisms, vibrant colours, and ability to quickly adapt to different environments. While much has changed since Elle was a little girl playing with salamanders, she still found herself mesmerized by their slick protective outer layer, the radiance of their neon complexion. Basically, they had perfect skin! And as an Aquarius, Elle has always felt a special connection with water and admired creatures, like newts, that are able to make a home in the water. So when it was time to name her skincare brand, the decision was easy: Newt by elle— an homage to her favourite underwater creatures and their perfect skin.

Our Vision

Newt by elle was developed with the vision of creating affordable skincare products that are luxurious 100% natural, and can be used in any climate to nourish all skin types. Through extensive research, development, and testing we have perfected a blend of botanical oils that help to provide nourishing benefits for the skin, hair, and body. 

Our Philosophy

Newt by elle is for everyone. Our minimal packaging was designed to be lovely, and handsome because everyone deserves healthy, glowing skin. And we make everything ourselves in small batches to ensure that you get the highest quality product. In an effort to thank our environment for producing lush and nourishing resources, we have ethically sourced everything—from ingredients to packaging—and are proud to say that our products are shipped in 100% biodegradable paper tubes. 

Fun Facts

The first product we ever created was the Gold Facial Oil. To this day, it’s still our best selling product.

Because of our passion for travel, the outer container of our products doubles as a durable travelling tube for all your miscellaneous items, and can be tossed in any suitcase or carry-on luggage.

We created Newt by elle in Toronto, but have now moved ourselves and all production to the countryside in Tay Valley, Ontario.